Legacy Leadership Initiative

Mission of LLI

To equip, empower, and release for service the next generation of CBMC leaders who are characterized by authentic Biblical leadership as they in turn equip, empower, and release additional leaders.

To sign up for the next LLI training in your area, talk to your CBMC field leader or call the Field Ministry Support staff at 800.566.CBMC. You may email us here.

CBMC Legacy Leadership Initiative CBMC is passionate about developing leaders. We fully embrace the time-tested concept that everything rises or falls with leadership. To that end, we have developed the Legacy Leadership Initiative (LLI). This compelling equipping develops men just like you in a manner that employs unwavering Biblical principles and the best of adult-education methodology. This is no endless string of fancy buzzwords and “catchy” slogans. It is a highly relational and personally relevant, experiential learning opportunity that will both excite and energize. As a result of developing your own leadership potential, you will naturally desire to develop and equip future generations of CBMC leaders along the lines of 2 Timothy 2:2.

Once you complete the entire process you will possess unparalleled leadership competence in these areas:

  1. Biblical Foundations for Leadership
  2. Leadership Coach Training
  3. Building Powerful Ministry Teams
  4. Empowering Connect3 Team Leaders
  5. Building Spiritual Reproducers
  6. Executive Forums Moderator Training
  7. CBMC Orientation - Who We Are

1. Biblical Foundations for Leadership

Participants in this self-directed course unpack the lessons of biblically based experiences and how they apply to leaders in today’s world. The Handbook to Leadership is a 52-week devotional study by noted biblical scholar, author, and speaker Ken Boa and is designed to focus attention on scriptures as they relate to the personal development, skill development and relational development of the leader. The unique part of this approach is that the devotional does not provide a lot of answers; rather it helps raise questions and issues that force the leader to seek answers from God through his word.

We have found that those who partner with another leader for periodic discussion gain the most from this study.

2. Leadership Coach Training

In partnership with the Center for Coaching Excellence, we have produced customized leadership coach training based on professional coaching standards from the broader Christian coaching movement. Christian coaching is a one-to-one, structured relationship in which two people partner for growth, change and forward-moving progress. The coach does this by providing a regular, safe, encouraging, and Christ-centered forum to:

  • Explore and clarify personal and professional values
  • Create specific action plans for achieving goals and pursuing dreams
  • Wrestle through life and leadership challenges
  • Hear from God

Any man who is really interested in living out the great commandments… should prayerfully consider going through CBMC’s Leadership Coach Training."--- Lee Atchley

There are two tracks to run on as you move into leadership coaching.

A. Leadership Coach Track

CBMC Leadership Coach Training (LCT) is a unique mix of content, interaction, and practice which result in genuine learning. The training begins with an in-person workshop, based on Leadership Coaching by Tony Stolzfus, where you learn the basics of Christian coaching, and how coaching seamlessly melds with CBMC’s distinct emphasis on Christ Life Leadership.

In the eight weeks following the workshop, you’ll be a part of a weekly 60-minute teleclass or webinar that will build upon and deepen the content you have learned. At the end, you will have the skills and confidence you need to use coaching in a variety of real life situations.

B. Leadership Coach Facilitator Track

After completion of LCT, you will have the opportunity to continue your equipping process by serving as an apprentice facilitator in an upcoming LCT course under the supervision of an experienced coach facilitator.

3. Building Powerful Ministry Teams

CBMC recognizes that God calls us to work together in teams in order to multiply what he wants to accomplish through us. A team is a group of interdependent people who choose to cooperate to achieve exceptional results. The effectiveness of any team depends on six characteristics we have learned from Triaxia Partners and teach in this course:

  1. A Common Purpose - The Reason for Cooperation
  2. Clear Roles - The Strategy for Cooperation
  3. Accepted Leadership - The Structure for Cooperation
  4. Effective Processes - The Method of Cooperation
  5. Solid Relationships - The Climate of Cooperation
  6. Excellent Communication - The Means of Cooperation

You will gain instruction and experience with proven team consulting methodologies. As a result, your team will have increased life-on-life ministry, impacting your city for Christ.

4. Empowering Connect3 Team Leaders

A Connect3 team connects team members with the vision, mission and values of CBMC as well as connecting them to God, to one another, and to the cause of the gospel in the workplace. This three-session series will equip all new team leaders or those who desire to see their teams become more fruitful.

5. Building Spiritual Reproducers

It is our desire that every man connected with CBMC will live out 2 Timothy 2:2, surrendered to Christ as we serve each other. In this equipping ssession, we emphasize that disciple-making is a life-long process, not a program or curriculum. This workshop may be done in a one-day or two half-day sessions.

6. Business Forums Moderator Training

The role of a Business Forums Moderator requires a unique gift set, that of a businessman, a consultant, and a heart of a shepherd in order to help the men in his Business Forums Team to live out their calling as marketplace leaders. This instruction will walk you through the standard operating procedure for Business Forums.

7. CBMC Orientation: Who We Are

We want to share our rich history of godly men who have gone before us and orient you to a vast array of resources, ministry tools, and a network of leaders assembled to help you pursue your call as a marketplace ministry leader in your area.