Why men?

Connected to Jesus

Because we can become very vulnerable with each other. If a man and woman were to engage in personal, life-changing discipleship, it could have unintended consequences. Think for a moment about how your wife would react to news that you were meeting regularly with another woman to help her grow in her Christian faith.

Why business men specifically?

We spend most of our lives at work. That goes double for business owners and managers. Naturally, this is our greatest area of influence, so we encourage men to wake up planning to worship the Lord at work so he will honor the Lord with the best of his life.

What about couples?

We encourage couples to disciple other couples. Our history reveals remarkable stories where one husband mentored another while their wives began a similar journey.

Are there CBMC functions for families?

Each city ministry has a calendar of events that celebrate our families. Whether it’s dinner, a ball game, picnic or river rafting, we’re bullish on making sure our wives and children are taking part in this highly relational experience.

I travel often. Are there ways to stay connected on the road?

CBMC has teams in cities and towns across the nation and around the world. You can learn about the teams in this metro area on this site. To learn about others, go to www.cbmc.com/find to see a map of teams across the nation. Select a team in that area and call or email the team leader to confirm they are still meeting on the same day, time, and place, then get connected. If you’re traveling internationally, contact CBMC International at cbmcint.org and follow the prompts.

Does CBMC have anything for business owners & executives?

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Yes, we call them Forums which are small, closed groups of men who desire to employ Christ-like principles in their businesses while building deep trust in one another. It’s a real comfort to know that what you’re sharing will be held in the strictest confidence as you discuss both business and personal issues. It’s sort of like having your own Board of Advisors.

How can I tell if what you’re talking about here is right for me?

That’s a terrific question. If being a better husband or dad matters to you, if you’d like to have a mentor, or if knowing for sure where you’re going when this life ends sounds like something that would interest you, then we invite you to give our teams a try. A CBMC experience might just rock your world!