Connect3 Training

Connect3 Leader Training, Why should I?


You are passionate about connecting with God...

You are a person of influence...

You don’t have time for insignificant things...

You can’t do it alone...

Connecting with a team in your area is essential...

John 15 says, “No branch can bear fruit by itself...”

Proverbs 27 proclaims, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” The takeaway here is that Jesus longs for us to enter into right relationships with other believers. Why? Because he knows that isolation is dangerous whether you are a new believer or a mature Christian. Connect 3 Teams are comprised of kingdom-minded people of impact and influence, who understand the power of community.

Connect3 Team Vision

To assist in training and equipping an increasing number of Marketplace Ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor. 5:20) who live out their calling and impact their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Connect3 Team Purpose:

To connect people to God, to one another, and to the cause of the gospel.

Starting a Connect3 Team in your area:

The Connect3 Team is the most basic team within the CBMC ministry. At various times and places it has been called different names including prayer meeting, prayer breakfast, Bible study, committee, meeting, traditional team and workplace team. We are now moving toward one common term...The Connect3 or C3 team.

The Connect3 team serves to regularly (usually weekly) connect team members with the vision, mission and values of CBMC as it connects them to God, to one another, and to the cause of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the workplace.


  1. Register for Connect3 training, available in two options
    1. Live local training. Please contact Liz Dallas at to arrange for live local training in your area.
    2. Self-Study training that includes live mentoring via phone with a current Connect3 leader.
  2. Register your Team with the CBMC Field Ministry Support Center by clicking here
    1. To register your team log into Oneview in the upper right hand corner
    2. Once Logged in Select -> Area Development / Register a Team
    3. Complete the Team Registration Form and select "Register" to submit your team
  3. Repeat the above process for establishing additional Connect3 Teams in your area

> Upon completing Leadership training you will be a Qualified Connect3 Team Leader

How do I get Connected?

Eventbrite - CBMC Connect3 Team Leader Training For Men

Contact: Elizabeth Dallas at or (423) 308-6012


"It is my passion to see men connect to God, to one another and to the cause of the gospel. The men in our area who have attended the training have found it to be encouraging, practical and convenient. If Connect3 teams function the way they are taught in Connect3 Training, the fruit will be tremendous in all areas of the country and the world."
Mike Hopkins, Area Director ~ Northeast Ohio
"I found the Connect 3 training to be inspiring and informative on CBMC's vision. It renewed my desire to be part of a marketplace ministry while providing very practical training that equipped me to be a more effective Ambassador for Christ."
Tony Ciepiel – Connect3 Team Leader
“Connect3 training gave me a whole new perspective about our group. It is my prayerful hope that we can become a real Connect3 team together—praying for the lost, getting better equipped for evangelism and discipleship, and encouraging one another as we serve Christ. "
Sean Moorhead – Connect3 Team Leader

The Connect3 Team is an environment where Marketplace Ambassadors gather in alignment with the vision and mission of CBMC, for the purpose of 1) Connecting to God, 2) Connecting to one another and 3) Connecting to the cause of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the workplace.

Connect3 teams are foundational elements of CBMC. In other words, Connect3 teams (also known as C3 teams) serve as the foundation for all of our evangelistic and discipleship efforts. It’s where men invest time in praying and supporting one another as Ambassadors of Christ.

C3 teams have been proven to be invaluable in the critical process of Christian growth within CBMC. These teams meet in cities all around the country to be intentional in praying for the unconvinced and learning together how to integrate faith into the workplace.

Connect3 team meetings are not just another Bible study or prayer group! They are a place to give and receive care and develop community, character and competence.

Some equate Connect3 team meetings with M.A.S.H. units for those actively engaged in the spiritual battles of the workplace and home…

  • They are a place to be nourished, bandaged and re-supplied.
  • They are a safe place of rest and prayer!
  • As with all M.A.S.H. units, they are located near the “battlefield.”
  • They are a place where men can find additional resources for their spiritual development.

Connect3 teams meet all around the world! Find a team in your area today

Why Should I connect with a team in my area?

Because.... You are passionate about connecting with God... and you want to be connected with others who share and cultivate that passion. Connect3 Teams provide consistent encouragement, support and accountability in developing intimacy with the Almighty. You are a person of influence... and you want to use that influence for Kingdom purposes. You understand that as a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ, you have a highly privileged position. You are connected for the long term, rather than just passing through. Connect3 Teams leverage your influence, and as a result, equip you for your role as an Ambassador. You don’t have time for insignificant things... and there is nothing more significant than being meaningfully engaged in helping others connect with God, with other Christians, and with the cause of the gospel (Matt 28:19). Connect 3 Teams are serious Christ followers who are passionate about helping others follow Christ. You can’t do it alone... and you want to be intentional in cultivating relationships that will help you become the person God designed you to be. Connect3 Teams provide the framework for both one-on-one and small group relationships that refresh and renew. There is great value in doing life alongside others who are also committed to living out the Great Commission on a daily basis. We realize that intentionality is the key and can be experienced more effectively when we have others in our life to encourage us in this process. As Proverbs 27 proclaims, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Connect3 Teams are a platform where this process can happen!

What are the benefits of connecting with a Connect3 Team?

  • Strong encouragement that comes from meeting weekly with men that seek to be Marketplace Ambassadors
  • Discover how to integrate your faith into your workplace in a manner that will result in maximum buy-in and success
  • Learn how to master best practices of engaging the non-believer right where he is
  • Exciting discussions on how best to approach, and then mentor another man to deepen his intimacy with Christ
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are aligned with God’s purposes for your life