Interested in Disciple-Making?

Discipleship So, you’ve walked with Christ for a while, maybe a long while, and now you desire to quench your thirst, to be transformed by Christ. CBMC’s Christian discipleship process is a one-on-one mentoring opportunity whereby another man draws alongside of you to assist you in studying God’s word, praying about it, and then helping you apply it to your life and business.

For more about what disciple-making is: click here.

Our time-tested approach is called Operation Timothyand is based on the Apostle Paul’s relationship with Timothy (1 & 2 Timothy. It’s highly relational and involves tremendous personal growth for you (Timothy) and your instructor (Paul). If you’re ready to consider making a commitment of a lifetime, we encourage you to click here.

Start Making Disciples with the Building Spiritual Reproducers workshop

Building Spiritual Reproducers Disciplemaking is not just a curriculum or program that teaches information, but it is receiving intimate counsel from someone who is mature in Christ. Chris Adsit says, “The primary objective in discipleship is to bring your disciple to the point of ‘digging his own well’ (to drink from the Word) and lose his dependence on you.”

Building Spiritual Reproducers (BSR) is a 4-5 hour workshop that teaches men how to make disciples and casts a vision for disciples making disciples. This workshop is for mature Christians, those who have been discipled but have not yet discipled another, or those disciplemakers who want a “refresher” on the Great Commission.

If you would like to host a Building Spiritual Reproducers workshop with your team or a group of men from your church, please reach out to Liz Dallas at You will be sent a Digital BSR Tool Kit with links to download the Participant’s Guide, the teaching PowerPoint presentation, and promotional tools.

God has specifically chosen us to be His light, so that we might extend His love to His world. This kit will help you get started.