Biblical View of Development

Our Development activity will demonstrate our core values:

  1. God owns everything, including CBMC and all financial resources in this world.

  2. Our work begins with prayer: for CBMC, for current and new givers to CBMC, and for God to provide the financial resources in His time and His way to carry out His work through CBMC.

  3. Our part of development is to present God’s people with opportunities to invest eternally in God’s work through CBMC. Our givers’ part is to respond by giving as God prompts and enables them to do so. We are on one team together.

  4. We believe development IS ministry and involves both discussing generosity and asking givers for specific gifts they can place before God to discern His direction for action.

  5. We will maintain a standard of excellence that is above reproach; therefore, we will refrain from questionable, manipulative, disrespectful, or dishonorable methods of development.

  6. We will seek to raise the resources we believe God is directing for the efficient, successful advancement of the mission of CBMC.

  7. We believe trust is gained through good stewardship. We will utilize every gift to the best of our ability for greatest Kingdom impact.

  8. We believe in full confidentiality. We will not share your giving information or your contact information with anyone.

  9. We will conform to the CBMC Board Policy Governance Manual.

  10. We will conform to the standards established by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) — an organization created to ensure ethical fund-raising. and administration practices.

We are a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

We adhere to the ECFA's standards for membership.