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Leadership Opportunities

The first step is to "Get Connected" to quality men in your immediate area and there are several ways to do that: share a cup of "joe", go for a jog, or meet for lunch during your work day. This is an essential starting point on your path to a relationship with Jesus Christ

A natural progression as you get connected with the men at CBMC is to spend time working through Operation Timothy, a tool we use to help you understand the Bible and how it relates to everyday living. Once you have completed Operation Timothy, you are recognized as a "Key Man" at CBMC.

As a Key Man we pray that you will enter into the process of sharing your life with by others by coming alongside them right where they are. One very effective way to do this is by taking another man through Operation Timothy. You effectively become a "Disciplemaker" in the CBMC Leadership Development Process.

The position of "Team Leader" is a very important and influential role within our ministry. Whether leading a weekly team or moderating a Forums team, you will serve in a shepherding capacity as you engage and empower men to be all that God has designed them to be.

In our efforts to help build men into spiritual leaders, we provide opportunities for you to continue to grow in your relationship with Christ by utilizing the gifts God has bestowed upon you to teach and lead others. We have a number of tremendous opportunities awaiting you within CBMC and Forums, so let us know when you're ready.

As the Lord leads you to live out this idea of lifestyle evangelism and discipleship, you may feel God's calling to devote more time, talent and resources to building His Kingdom. An "Area Leader" is a role within a specific geographical area where exciting ministry activities are already in place. This is a non-staff position and is designed for you to stay active in your present marketplace.

There are a number of opportunities to join CBMC in a full or part-time capacity. We generally encourage you to stay where God has planted you so that you may continue to reach others in your sphere of influence. But if you feel God is calling you to a new and larger mission field, be sure to discuss this level of service with someone at CBMC.