Leadership Coach Training is the intentional development of businessmen.

For years, CBMC has had a biblical view of leadership. Many of us are leaders. Many of us call others to take up leadership in their areas of influence. But it’s one thing to lead and another to develop new leaders. With Christian Coaching skills, we can develop a new wave of businessmen to represent Jesus Christ in businesses and cities, wherever the Lord takes them.

Leadership Coach Training is the intentional development of businessmen to be:

  • empowered by Christ
  • reflect authentic Biblical leadership
  • model connectivity
  • serve within networks
  • and function as a part of a flexible, Spirit-led leadership team.

Our training course is based on Tony Stoltzfus’ book, Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills, and Heart of a Christian Coach . Roger Erdvig, president of Center for the Advancement of Christian Coaching, leads the workshop which launches our eight-week study course.

Roger is a Professional Leadership Coach and Certified Coach Trainer with a Master of Education from Regent University. His life purpose is to equip and support men and women who are on the front lines of developing the next generation of culture-shaping leaders.

Legacy Leadership Initiative

To sign up for the next LCT training in your area, talk to your CBMC field leader, call the Field Ministry Support staff at 800.566.CBMC, or contact us to get started.

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What Men Are Saying

Steve Goss, Fredericksburg, Virginia: "CBMC Leadership Coaching has revolutionized my way of thinking in the areas of employee interaction, personal relationships, and CBMC team meeting facilitation. Leadership Coaching taught me to listen more intently to what employees are sharing, and to ask questions that draw out issues and thoughts that are important to them. My daughters and wife have opened up more in our talks, which I believe is directly related to my willingness to listen more intently and ask questions that allow them to share how they feel."

"A similar dynamic is happening within my CBMC Team meetings. Constructing questions that facilitate discussion is helping men share their thoughts rather than just hearing my opinions. Leadership Coaching has really helped me see that others have great things to share, issues with which they struggle, needs for setting goals, and a desire to feel important."

Charlton Lentz: "It was the first time in his life that an adult male had trusted him to make his own decisions, so [coaching] was very empowering for him."

Paul Johnson

Roger Erdvig: "CBMC is a natural outgrowth of things I’m very passionate about anyway."

Rick Meadors: "As I was listening better, I started to care more about the people."

Lee Atchley: "Others really respond well to it, I think that’s probably because more of my time is spent listening to them..."