Ministry Resources

Welcome to our Ministry Resource page. We hope this information is helpful in getting you precisely where you want to go.

Evangelism - It’s an old word (origin 1620-30) that really means teaching or educating people on truths anchored in the Bible. In other words, someone involved in evangelizing is actually a person talking to others about Jesus Christ and other Christian principles. More often than not, these basic teachings are shared with those who have little to no Biblical understanding. If this sounds like you, or perhaps, you’d like to see what resources and materials CBMC has for those seeking to more about Jesus Christ, this is an area you will want to explore .

Discipling - You have a grasp of who Jesus is, you’ve wrestled with the concept of the Trinity and you are engaged in your Christian walk but now maybe, you desire to engage your faith in a more pronounced manner. Here is where you will be introduced to a superb CBMC discipleship process called Operation Timothy .

Forums - This is CBMC’s area of ministry that promotes small groups for business owners, CEOs and executive level individuals. Once your Forum is established, you remain with that same group of men for as long as God keeps you there. We have had Forums teams stay intact for many years and the men in those groups have become their own Christian Board of Advisors to one another. If this sounds like something you could benefit from and you meet the requirements CBMC encourages you to investigate Forums.

Leader Advancement (LA) - If you, or your organization has a critical need for state-of-the-art Christian Coaching you will want to be sure to fully explore this life-changing series of classroom offerings. From Coach Training to Building Powerful Teams, these processes stand alone in the faith-based or secular marketplace. DO NOT MISS THIS RESOURCE!

Connect3 Training - The CBMC Connect3 Team is designed to bring Marketplace Ambassadors together (usually weekly) for the purpose of connecting with the vision , mission and values of CBMC as it connects them to God, to one another, and to the cause of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the marketplace. Another way to put it would be that the Connect3 Team serves as the foundation to all of our evangelistic and discipleship efforts. By spending meaningful time in fellowship, praying for those who are still unconvinced about Christ, sharing personal needs and hurts, and studying how to apply biblical principles in all areas of life team members grow together in unity and purpose. As people come to Christ and are engaged in the discipleship process, the Connect3 Team members pray for God to multiply their efforts through the development of new leaders and new teams. God raises up emerging leaders from the Connect3 Team with a vision for establishing new teams. The movement of God is leveraged and the cycle continues as new leaders are equipped and “sent out” by the Connect3 Team. The result is a marketplace that is saturated with the aroma of Christ.