Are You A Monday Morning Atheist?

Do you work as if God does not exist?

Do you wonder if you actually count for anything?

Do you work for the paycheck? Is that all?

If we approach our work week without God, the cold hard facts are that we are practicing Monday Morning Atheism. As Christians, we know God is “always there,” but when we go to work, we never get an email or a meeting notice from Him, so…

… maybe He stayed at the church.

Monday Morning Atheist is a revealing read and steeped in exhaustive research conducted over a 10-year period.

Iron Sharpens Iron and CBMC have partnered for a number of select conferences across the nation to offer this book as a tool to introduce men to the Christian Business Men’s Connection. It’s a compelling resource to begin telling the story of what our ministry does.

A godless view of our work has a domino effect on how we feel about what we do for a living. Have you ever thought that what you’re doing might be impacting God’s kingdom and that he has you where you are to honor Him?

Order several copies of Monday Morning Atheist for you and your team to discuss and distribute at your outreaches. This book will resonate with them.

We are the ones being called to retake the high-ground by educating and equipping men at the flashpoint of their greatest potential impact: the workplace!