Activate a Purpose-Driven Life

CBMC seeks to train the modern man in doing business God’s way and to equip them in how to integrate their work and faith. By providing opportunities for career-minded men to gather together, CBMC helps the young professional connect with other business professionals and helps them to grow in their faith.

A Young Professional team is a Peer Advisory Group with a special distinction in that it is designed for the 25-40-year-old. Mentoring and coaching by seasoned business executives add value and depth that other peer advisory groups fail to offer.

The mission of CBMC Young Professionals is to provide Gospel-centered leadership coaching in an authentic atmosphere. We all need community, and these teams allow men a safe place to share struggles, both personally and professionally.

Spiritual guidance with a CBMC team leader helps direct men toward of path of following God. As a man seeks to grow in this relationship with Christ, he will begin to launch a life of purpose and significance. CBMC Young Professional members receive best-in-class training and resources free of charge. Get access to time-tested discipleship and evangelism tools to aid in your spiritual journey and connect to a network of business professionals that is over 10,000 strong. Business training and coaching will set the bar high. Encouragement is provided free of charge.

Sharpen your business skills and activate a life of purpose today. Become a man of action. Step forward and connect with a CBMC Young Professional team in your area. Grow your business, grow your faith.

If you're interested in joining Young Professionals, complete our membership form to inquire about a YP Team near you.


three young professionals at a meeting
“Becoming involved in CBMC gave me an understanding of what it meant to be an ambassador for Christ, eliminating the secular-sacred divide I thought existed”
John, YP from Minnesota

“CBMC helped develop me at a critical time in my life. I was building a career and wanted to get married and start a family someday. It connected me with other like-minded guys who wanted the same thing”
Bo, YP from Florida

Why YP?

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